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Spanish History

Information and articles about the Spanish Arabian
The Arabian Horse in Spain
Spanish Studs and Breeders
American Breeders and Importers
Influential Spanish Horses
Other Articles of Interest

The Five Skowronek Daughters - Duke of Veragua

Photo Archive of Classical Spanish Arabians

AECCA promotional video made in 1994 shows many Spanish Arabian horses.
Click here.

Spanish Arabians: Bred to Perform
Classical and Spanish-related horses and their accomplishments

The Arabian Horse in Spain

The 1927 Cria Caballar's Commission to the Orient
Egypt, Syria, and Mesopotamia

by Javier Naneti
Translated by Andrew Steen, edited by Rusty Cook

Part 1: Introduction, History, and Preparations for the Journey
Part 2: Egypt
Part 3: The Arabian Horse in Syria
Part 4: Further Travels in the Middle East

All The Queen's Horses
The True Saga of Nicolás Gliocho’s Last Ride into the Nejed
and His Untimely Death at Diarbekir
 by Andrew Steen

History Lives on in Spanish Arabian Horses
edited by Molly Stanley

The Spanish Arabian Stud Book
by Cristina Valdes Colon de Carvajal

Requirements for Registration by the Cria Caballar for the
REGISTRO-MATRICULA - The Spanish Stud-Book
Translated by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

La Yequada Militar
by Maria Paz Murga Igual

A Brief History of the Spanish Arabian Horse
by Jim Porcher

Spanish Arabian Horses
by Sharon Meyers
Formerly at A White Horse's Spanish Arabian Horse Pages.

Mystery of the Spanish Arabian Horse
by Molly Stanley

Strolling Through Spain
by Samantha Mattocks
At the Arabian Essence website.  This link will open a new window. 
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Spanish Studs and Breeders

Valjuanete: the story of a famous Spanish stud
by Cristina Valdes Colon de Carvajal

Maria Paz Murga Igual: Spanish Breeder
by Jim Porcher

Yeguada: Don Juan Del Cid y Hijos
by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

Diego Mendez Moreno, Breeder and International Judge, Retires
At the ECAHO website.  This link will open a new window. 
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American Breeders and Importers

History of U.S. Importations of Spanish Arabians 1934-1978

Stanley Ranch Importation Notes: 1979-1994
by Molly Stanley
At the Stanley Ranch website
This link will open a new window. Close that window to return here.

History of Spanish Arabians in America
by Arlene Magid
With list of Spanish-bred National Champions, '74 - '06
On the Arabian Breeders Network Forum

Welcome Letter and
The Historical Significance of the Spanish Arabian

by Dr. Gary E. Erickson
from the QB Arabians Seminar, May 1987

History of the Spanish Arabian Horse in America: the Draper imports
by Ferman Ansel
On the Arabian Horse Legacy website; includes a sound bite by Edna Draper

Traband Arabians: Small Breeder

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Influential Spanish Horses

Congo: an inscription of dignity
by Ralph Joly, Ph.D.

*Diamante: A True Spanish Treasure
by Molly Stanley

Galatife 1943: The Best Kept Secret
by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

The Romance of Galero
by Molly Stanley

Garbo: Making The Difference For Spanish Arabians
By BettyLu Bendeke

by Molly Stanley

by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

*Makorr: His two years in New Mexico
by Jim Porcher

by Maria Paz Murga Igual

Ursus and His Dynasty
Edited with Photos by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

Van Dyck
by Maria Paz Murga Igual

Pedigree Research Articles by Arlene Magid

GG Bandalero

CA Hermoso

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Other Articles of Interest

Temperament and Athletic Ability of Spanish Arabians
by Jim Porcher

Spanish National Championship Show Results 1974-2004
compiled by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

Spanish Pronunciation Tips
by Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

2005 U.S. National/Regional Winners
By Christi Camp
(This is a large Word document and will take time to load.)  

The Spanish Stallion Borni
Short article with photo.  Borni was owned by Patricia Shay, never registered in the US.

Steen Auction Sale Report, 1967

North American Colonial Spanish Horse Update, 2005
by D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD
A comprehensive look at characteristics and strains of horses of the American west.

(12-page pdf - may be slow to load)

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