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Spanish History
By Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio

1967 Grey stallion (*Corinto x Ucrania by Congo)
Bred by Don Luis Ybarra e Ybarra, Yeguada La Cascajera, Sevilla, Spain.
Tail Female Mare Family: Farja I d.b.

    Kiew was actually line bred to Congo within the first three generations yet carried multiple crosses to the lines of the original Polish imports: Ursus and Van-Dick with the latter especially noted on his dam lines. Kiew has been said to look very similar to the well known Polish import *Naborr. Kiew himself had a well shaped neck with good flexibility at the poll which he tended to pass onward as a sire. His hindquarters were well muscled and well angled, a point that his breeder is especially noted for. 

    He had 57 get and 136 grand get which is a sizable number for a privately bred, owned and used stallion in Spain. Through his get, his bloodlines have been used extensively in France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Ecuador, and of course Spain, where his best known get have been Rasalhague 1974 Grey mare out of Betelgeuse (Tabal x Salonica II), Serva La Bara  1975 Chestnut mare out of Moluca (Saludo x Huca by Zurich). Kiew’s first get started to show in 1975 with Rasalhague placing third in her Yearling Filly Class. In 1977 Sirius (Kiew x Betelgeuse) won his 2 Year Old Colt Class. In 1981 Zahina (Kiew x Pantelaria) took the Yearling Filly Honors and Zhelania (Kiew x Macedonia) came in 4th. Zahina came back several years later to be pinned Spanish National Champion Mare in 1985. At the same Nationals Calahonda 1983 Grey mare (Sable x Rasalhague by Kiew) went Reserve Champion Mare as a 2 year old filly. 
    The Yeguada Militar used the Kiew son Estrangis out of their mare, Zaya (Garbo x Mabiena by Tabal) from 1995-97 on their own broodmare band. Sitting Rock Spanish Arabians (Stanley) imported his sire, *Corinto, and his daughters, Transjordania II, *Riad I, *Arriba I, Champion Halter Mare and several grand get including *Bouganvillea, 1997 Canadian Nationals Champion Arabian Jumper and US Top Ten Jumper the same year, *Caracas and Dalia V to the US; *Kalat I, dam of Oaks Derby Race Filly of the Year.
    Another three Kiew grandsons were slated to be imported to the US and were caught by the border closing for exports in 1988. These were by the Kiew son, Ras Hafun out of  Moluca (Saludo x Huca): Guadalen  and Homero (out of Roba El Kalhi, a Mizar daughter out of *Kalat I) and a bay yearling colt Monterrey with knockout motion out of a daughter of Roba El Kalhi and another  Kiew son Turcolimano, making him a double Kiew. Multiple attempts were made to export these stallions by Szed Spanish Arabians; however the borders remained closed and Metritus testing for all equines over 2 years old introduced which made export prohibitive.
    Kiew has been well represented in the Stanley importations to the States and throughout the European community. 

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