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By Molly Stanley

Sometimes luck plays a strong part in our future decisions.  Dave and Molly Stanley acquired KADOFA at an auction of the Yeguada Miilitar with several other mares of importance (BETONICA, CANTINERA II, SAETA) and so were just lucky to also get KADOFA in the group.  KADOFA (ZANCUDO X OCALINA) was a chestnut mare foaled at the Yeguada Militar in 1969.  At the time, they were very happy to have KADOFA, as they admired the ZANCUDO daughters as producers, and KADOFA was out of the famous OCALINA, the mare that stills holds the record for production at the Yeguada Militar.

Dave and Molly have said that they have been privileged to own some truly great mares, but this one mare is the backbone of their Spanish Sport Horse breeding program. Their opinion is based entirely on the continued excellence of five successive generations from KADOFA at their own farm.  KADOFA was never able to be imported to the USA due to piro titres.  KADOFA lived at the stud farm near Seville with the rest of the Stanley Ranch breeding herd of Spanish Arabians.

During the course of time KADOFA was bred to several YM stallions.  Dave and Molly were members of the Association Espanoles Criadores Caballos Arabes (AECCA). They were awarded the honor of becoming ‘Recognized Breeders in Spain’ as they met the criteria with more than 25 breeding mares at their farm in Spain.  Recognized Breeders were able to put in a request for a YM stallion to spend the breeding season at their farm. Over the years, Dave and Molly requested MARMOL, FALCE, and VARDULO from the YM.

There were also several stallions in their ownership, awaiting importation to the USA, including GEBEL TARIK, *DIAMANTE, *ESPERANTO, *BRASIL.

Four daughters of KADOFA, each by a different Spanish Arabian sire, were
*IBERIA (x GEBEL TARIK), *GALAXIA SSB (x NEGAL), *JEZABEL SSB +// (x *DIAMANTE) and *EFIGIE (x MARMOL). All four were imported to the USA. All four were Regional Champions, and 3 went on to be United States and Canadian National Champions, in Working Hunter, Jumper, Hunter under Saddle, and Hunt Seat Equitation.  As of this writing in March 2011, two daughters of KADOFA are still alive and are being ridden and shown, at ages 25 and 26.

Supreme Champion CZANTIAGO is out of PASCION S, a KADOFA granddaughter.  So the beat goes on.

KADOFA has to be on top of the list for the Stanley Ranch ‘Dam of Distinction’ award.

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