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History of U.S. Importations
of Spanish Arabians 1934-1978

*Nakkla, imported in 1934
In 1934 the first importations of Spanish Arabians was completed.  Mr. And Mrs. James E. Draper of Richmond, California were responsible for providing America with these first Spanish Arabians:
*Nakkla  (Fondak x *Menfis)
*Menfis (Egipto x Siria)
*Barakat (Fondak x *Meca)
*Meca (Ursus x Siria)
*Ras-El-Ayn (Axdir x *Meca)

This importation, few though they were, did have an impact on the Arabian breed in the United States.  Both *Meca and *Menfis created strong family lines.  The mare *Nakkla was purchased by the Kellogg Ranch and was bred with success to *Raseyn; the last foal she produced was Pomona Amen.  The other families were prolifically represented by the champions sired by Sureyn, a son of *Raseyn.  The Spanish horses were found to nick well with the Skowronek line.  Fifteen of Sureyn’s twenty-three champions were from mares of the Siria family as represented by *Meca and *Menfis through their female descendants.

It was thirty-one years until further Arabians were brought into the United States from Spain.  In May of 1965 came the ambitious importation of the Steen Ranches of Nevada, know as The Steen Imports.  This importation included twenty-three mares and three stallions:

*Agata III (Malvito x Famula)
*Tagata de Washoe (Tabal x *Agata III)
*Aldebaran II (Malvito x Halconera)
*Brussa II (Uad-El-Kebir x Lakme)
*Pagana III (Damasco III x Escala)
*Palabrita (Barquillo x Hacienda)
*Rabadilla (Damasco III x Beni Amer)
*Rabieta (Damasco III x Yaima)
*Rabioso (Barquillo x Labrada)
*Rapaza (Barquillo x Gauta)
*Sabiduria (Maquillo x Habladuria)
*Taduria de Washoe (Tabal x *Sabiduria)
*Salina (Aboukir x Famula)
*Talia III (Dante x Dinorach II)
*Liata de Washoe (Tabal x *Talia III)
*Ventolina (Congo x Kafira)
*Yama (Fabuloso x Neyma II)
*Yokohama (Fabuloso x Nubia II)
*Sacudida (Aboukir x Bandera)
*Sauce II (Barquillo x Farina)
*Oromana (Marquillo x *Sauce II)
*Taifa II (Dante x Katiuska)
*Tafal de Washoe (Tabal x *Taifa II)
*Barich de Washoe (Zurich x *Aldebaran II)
*Zurhama de Washoe (Zurich x *Yokohama)
*Tabalia de Washoe (Tabal x *Talia III)

The Steen importations have had a very significant impact on the Arabian breed in the United States with many of the existing Spanish stallions and mares today a product of the Arabians imported by the Steens in 1965.

In December of 1965 John M. Rogers of California imported:

*Yamina (Zurich x *Brussa II)
*Dinorah III (Uad-Martin x Kirak)
*Don Seville (Corinto x *Dinorah III)

From 1965 until July of 1978 the remaining importation of Spanish Arabians is as follows:

Name Sex Pedigree Imported Importer
*Cejerick El Djiev S (Jaecero x Yuma) 1962 Alicia de Fernandez
*Aljuba M (Jaecero x Sultana-Aurora) 1962 Alicia de Fernandez
*Giralda III M (Zafiro x Nubia III) 1968 Antonio Gutierrez-Prieto
*Guadalquivir S (Bahram x Eritrea) 1968 Antonio Gutierrez-Prieto
*Kurda M (*Corinto x Persia) 1969 Rafael Barroso
*Yassat S (Babiecalv x Alava) 1970 Thomas Barrett
*AN Malik S (Galero x Ispahan) 1972 Jay Stream
*Frisa M (Aram x Facina) 1975 Antonio Gutierrez-Prieto
*SZ Jaulyn M (Jaguay x Jarilla) 1976 Elizabeth Goodwin-Roehlike
*GG Samir S (Jacio x Alahaja) 1976 Jay Stream
*Sidi-Brahim S (Jacio x Dalia IV) 1977 Marjory Tone
*Aracosia M (Zancudo x Dakar) 1977 Jay Stream
*Osaka S (Sacudir x Nevisca) 1977 Jay Stream
*Greengate Galero S (Galero x *Aracosia) 1977 Jay Stream
*Abha Lac S (Uzacur x Jay) 1977 D. Pedro Salas
*Abha Hamir M (Bambu x Garbi) 1977 D. Pedro Salas
*Volvoreta M (Hacho x Babucha) 1978 Jay Stream
*El Moraduke S (Galero x Fatima) 1978 Jay Stream
*El Jautor S (Galero x Abisinia) 1978 Jay Stream

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