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Stallion Auction

There has not been a Stallion Auction since 2008.  If you would like to Chair any activity for SAHS, please contact Jim Porcher.



The Spanish Arabian Horse Society Stallion Service Auction (SSSA) is proposed to promote Spanish bred Arabian Horses. 


Stallion owners donate a breeding to SAHS. 
Stallion owners are encouraged to be club members, but are not required to do so. 
Minimum starting price for each stallion will be 40% of 2008 advertised stud fee or $400 whichever is greater. 
Increases in bids must be made in at least $50 increments. 
Names of the highest bidders will not be revealed until after the closing of the bidding deadline. 
Breeding is awarded to the highest bidder (Purchaser). 
Stallion owner agrees not to breed Purchaser's mare until a Breeding Certificate has been issued by SAHS stating that the breeding fee has been paid in full. 
Stallion owner agrees to provide a live foal guarantee to the Purchaser of breeding, unless otherwise stated under stallion information. If a live foal does not result the first year, the Purchaser is entitled to a rebreeding the following year. No monies will be returned to the Purchaser for any reason. If a live foal does not result from the "second" year's breeding the Purchaser forfeits any monies paid to the SAHS. 
Purchasers (mare owners) are encouraged to be club members, but are not required to do so. 
Purchasers (mare owners) agree to comply with the requirements set forth in the stallion's breeding contract (i.e. health exam, mare care fees, shipping costs, etc.). 
Upon completion of bidding and awarding of winning bids, mare owners and stallion owners will complete a separate contract (breeding contract) for terms and conditions of breeding. The only role the SAHS performs is as a coordinator of the Stallion Service Auction. 
SAHS agrees to provide a format for the advertisement of Stallion Service Auction participants. 
There will be no refund of any monies. In the event of a stallion's death or gelding, the purchaser (mare owner) has the option of selecting a breeding from any of the unsold stallion services or the owner of the stallion in question may offer a substitute breeding to another stallion in their ownership. There will be no refund of any monies to either party. 
SAHS makes no guarantees as to the duration of Stallion Service Auction program.

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