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ECAHO Meets in Mallorca
By Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio 

     As some of you already know the ECAHO annual meeting is being held in Palma de Mallorca February 11-13, 2005. ECAHO is the European Conference of Arabian Horse Organizations. It has established the Horse Show rule book and is officially accepted by 24 national organizations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Ingalil Martenssen as our Balearic regional representative very graciously invited me to join them at a private luncheon and showing of her breeding program this afternoon at their Yeguada (broodmare farm) in Santa Maria here on the island. 
       Approximately 60 to 70 Arabian breeders and owners  from all over Europe have congregated for the Executive meeting and General Assembly which takes place tomorrow morning. and is followed by a luncheon and showing of the Salas horses at their Yeguada Ses Rotes  and a Monday Excursion to see Gabriel Bautista Vich at his Yeguada. 
     The Martenssens' put on a lavish champagne buffet followed by a smoothly organized showing of their stallions and some of their mares and foals.Their Polish import Elart (Palas x Elanna by Elf) is a shimmering statuesque silvery white stallion with size, presence, finely sculpted head without exaggeration and a correct well balanced body. He moves with a powerful tuck and roll, propulsion and reach. He left this international crowd of viewers breathless.
     Elart's rose grey yearling filly out of Al Shaklana - 97 gm (Sanadik El Shaklan x Eucaliptus daughter) is a definite must to watch for.

Elart and yearling daughter x Al Shaklana

     Bellman MAF - 96 gs (Crusader x Balsa by Jacio) is a replica of his maternal grand sire with a longer and more refined neck. Maria Angeles Bravo Del Claux (Y. Manas de la Hoz) pointed this out and all had to agree. Major Pat Maxwell and Joanna arrived just as the showing started and were able to view their Crusader son trot a magnificent pass down the arena.
     The Martenssons carry the straight Classical lines in their mares Betelgeuse II (Uzacur x Lopaz),  Varonesa (Dandi II x Ibara),  Balsa (Jacio x Ibara),  Sulyvella (Uzacur x Egipcia), MAF Olimpia ( MAF Orion x Indraff by Jacio), and MAF Spektra (Abaco II x Sulyvella by Uzacur). Ten of their other broodmares are basically of the combined bloodlines of  Carmargue and Polish lines with their additional Shafeek sire lines tracing to Shaker El Masri EAO. The combination has been very successful for them not only in the International show ring but in the breeding shed as well. They have one Classical Spanish stallion , MAF Orion (Garbo x Betelgeuse II by Uzacur), three imported stallions of basically Polish lines and three Spanish Bred stallions with Carmargue and Crabbet/Egyptian bloodlines.
     Cristina Valdez introduced me to the brand new Director of the Spanish Stud-Book, Don Miguel Angel Martinez Sanchez. He has literally just been appointed and will be introduced to the ECAHO community in tomorrow's General meeting. Very personable young man under whose direction the Stud-Book shall remain for quite sometime in the future as the Directorship is normally a lifetime appointment.

Cristina Valdes Colon de Carvajal and the brand new Director of the Spanish Stud-Book, Don Miguel Angel Martinez Sanchez. 

     Nico Jung ( Karolinenhof Stud) and a number of other German breeders were also present with a good representation. In fact most of the European community was represented, all assuring me that Mallorca's spate of wonderful weather on this particular weekend had had a great deal to do with their travel plans.

Nico Jung and Cristina Valdez

Nico Jung and Helga Woodward

     For me it was especially nice to get a chance to see and talk with so many old friends all in one place. I had an especially interesting conversation with the Maxwell's who moved to France several years ago and have only a few horses left out of their extensive stud. Pat will be giving a talk tomorrow on the birth rate within the Arabian horse community and apparently the influence of the American market on the European. He discussed the WAHO set up at length and mentioned that shortly their "Book" will be closed as to recognizing more national organizations for Arabian registration. He also had quite a bit to say about the AHA and some of the former directors.

Joanna and Major Pat Maxwell

     It was great seeing Cristina again and she introduced me to several newer breeders from the mainland whom I had not met previously. Thanks to her diligence, I now have a copy of the Spanish Breeders Guide and am a reinstated member of AECCA. Although I have no horses here in Spain, my membership will allow me to have immediate access to the latest news and events in a more timely manner. A new website for AECCA  has been made and will be linked to the old one which the late Rafael Muller  had organized. Cristina Valdez (Y. Vajuanete) is the Acting Secretary of the Spanish Breeders Organization here in Spain (AECCA).
     Maria Angeles I had not seen in years. She and I bought our first Figuroso daughters out of Arilla together back in 1974 at the same auction and have been "connected" ever since. She wants me to pass on the information that she has a black stallion and a black mare for sale, both Classical Spanish lines. She also wants to be contacted about becoming a member of this SAHS group. As many of you know she breeds for performance ability above all and proves her horses in Eventing, Cross and on the track. She also was one of the first breeders to put her Arabians into dressage when it was strictly an anglo-arab or PRE division.

Mariangeles Bravo de Delclaux and her daughter Ana Luisa, with Lisa Goodwin-Campiglio (center)

     The Director and 2 reporters were there also from Tutti Arab, the All Arabian glossy magazine from Italy. And also present were the Directors and representatives from Poland and as before we conversed in French, a language which many Spanish breeders are more comfortable in than English so it was quite a combination of "tongues" and left mine totally twisted. I barely spoke a word of English for 6 hours, except when conversing with Pat & Joanna and then I was mostly listening. 

The author initiated her membership with AECCA in 1974 as the Yeguada SZ Saltamontes which became SZED Spanish Arabians in 1982 upon her transfer to the USA. Lisa is presently retired and residing in Mallorca, Spain.

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