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Member Information

Member Benefits and Programs

(Existing and proposed benefits of membership)

The Spanish Arabian Horse Society is dedicated to the promotion and exploration of this unique and magnificent horse. 

Some of the many benefits of membership in the Spanish Arabian Breeders Organization include:

PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - The website includes sections for news, Spanish Arabian history, advertising opportunities, and more. 
THE STALLION SHOWCASE – individual Straight Spanish and Spanish Bred stallion presentations provide exceptional exposure to an international audience each year at numerous high profile shows. 
REFERENCE HANDBOOKS OF STRAIGHT SPANISH HORSES – provide a pictorial reference guide and a unique and effective marketing tool for members to promote their horses on a long-term and worldwide basis. 
SPANISH ARABIAN BROCHURE – designed to be personalized with each member’s farm and contact information.  Multiple copies available to all members, further promoting the Spanish Arabian horse to the Arabian community and general equine industry. 
NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE – through the Spanish Showcases & Futurities, as well as promotional exhibit space at high profile shows such as the  Arabian US Nationals, the Sport Horse Nationals and the Scottsdale Arabian Show. 
STALLION OWNER PARTICIPATION PROGRAM – Members may include their straight Spanish (or Spanish related – 25% or more) stallions in this program, and agree to pay ½ of the Spanish futurity nomination fee for any foals out of purebred Arabian mares bred to their stallions. Special promotion given to participating stallions through an annual Stallion Guide and other publications. This would allow those who are really into showing  to support the Futurity but those whose showing is not a priority would not feel obligated.
NON-SHOW RECOGNITIONS  – through sponsoring endurance races, team penning, trail ridding, etc. We need to include everyone, not just those who show in the ring but also those out there in the trenches working their horses shoulder to shoulder with other breeds.


The following member benefits could provide the opportunity for exceptional exposure and publicity, as well as outstanding financial incentives.
DUES REBATES – Every current member is eligible to earn free annual dues through the popular “Sponsor A New Member” program.  New members may join for 1/3 off the regular dues and those sponsoring members also receive an equal cash rebate. This is something we can look at down the road.
FUTURITIES – There is currently a Spanish Futurity run by the Northern California Spanish Breeders Association and held each year in conjunction with the Northern Cal. Egyptian breeders show.  (They just changed the amount of Spanish blood in order to be eligible.)
CO-OP ADVERTISING – Group together to advertise in National publications where, by guaranteeing a number of pages, we can get a reduced rate.  This would make the Spanish editions substantial and obtainable for many Spanish breeders. 


MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY – print version updated annually, facilitating contact between members worldwide.  Membership information available online anytime.
SOCIALS – at top U.S. Arabian shows and other significant functions, this allows members to meet other members, friends and supporters of the Society. 
COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT – gives members the chance to help shape the future of the Spanish Arabian by personally working on projects of interest to them.


THE MANUAL OF STRAIGHT SPANISH HORSES & ANNUAL SUPPLEMENTS - essential for the survival of the Spanish Arabian here in the US. 
PEDIGREE RESEARCH SERVICES - available for researching Spanish Arabian bloodlines. 
SEMINARS AND PRESENTATIONS – This is also something to think about for the future. It would help to attract supporters & educate the entire industry on the importance of the Spanish Arabian bloodline group.  It would also educate members on topics of general equine management & business practices.  Seminars and presentations would be complimentary for members, and a small fee would be charged for non-members. 


THE NEWSLETTER – The Society’s quarterly newsletter keeps members informed about current activities and programs.  Current news is also available online anytime.
SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS AND REFERENCE MATERIALS  - available through the Society for open houses, seminars, and regional activities, further promoting the Spanish Arabian within the Arabian industry.

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